Lola by Willow Pump

PROJECT TYPE: Student • 4 weeks

ROLE: strategy, UX research, conversation mapping, copywriting, prototyping


Willow Pump was the first wireless breast pump on the market. It allows nursing mothers to pump anytime and anywhere. But the Willow Pump app doesn't offer insights about the data it gathers or help users understand the nursing process so they can have more successful pump sessions .


New mothers generally have support networks in most areas of their child-raising experience. But nursing remains a largely solo venture fraught with pain, confusion, and uncertainty.


Create a digital companion for nursing mothers that offers helpful advice and adds context to the data captured by the Willow Pump app.

Lola is a chat bot designed to help nursing mothers understand and improve their breast pumping sessions.

What can Lola do?

  • Track and analyze data from breast pumping sessions

  • Offer tips on nursing topics such as milk production and stress management

  • Provide relaxation exercises during pumping sessions

  • Set pumping reminders to keep busy moms on schedule

  • Send motivational messages that users can share with other moms in their support network

Lola is an addition to the Willow Pump smartphone app. We built our prototype using ChatFuel.


An updated app UI places Lola in primary navigation for quick access to ask questions.

Lola sends prompts to users in real-time in response to new pumping data. Follow Sharon's journey.


User research showed that relaxation exercises are popular and effective methods for improving a mother’s experience and milk production during pumping sessions.

We created new breathing and visualization exercises for Lola to suggest to users. Users can access these exercises anytime through text shortcuts.





“The first month was really challenging [because] he was feeding every 1-2h and every feed was uncomfortable so I would dread it.” — Hazel, mid-30s

“I tried the Medela electric pump and I think it’s such a hassle. I also got a headache from using it and I think it was probably due to me being stressed out pumping and being afraid that if my baby wakes up, I can’t get to her or the suction is too strong. I was never able to figure it out.” — Vy, early-20s


  • Mothers generally do not know much about nursing or breast pumping until after giving birth.

  • The current Willow Pump app does little more than track current and daily pumping volumes.

  • The existing Willow Pump FAQ on the website only answers technical questions about the product. Mothers must look elsewhere for tips related to optimizing their pump sessions.


We developed Lola's conversation flow using Whimsical. View full conversation flow.

Developing Lola's personality and tone.

Iterating on the flow after user testing.


Marissa Liu – UX Designer

Emily Riggan – UX Designer